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Sarah Lynn Willey - young Model

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Sarah Lynn Willey
20 years old
Tualatin, Oregon, US

gallery girls hotCurrent News
I was out of the game for a while, but I'm back! Yay. I have picked up a job at Buffalo Wild Wings, so my schedule is all over the place. I am going to be dedicating a good portion of my time to keeping my portfolio updated. I'm currently doing a lot more acting than modeling, working full time, and I'm in the process of making a website again so I am extremely busy. Most of my free time is on the weekends, and if my time isn't taken up by shooting with Leverage, we may be able to work something out! Shoot me a message and we will talk. A few key points - I barely do TF shoots, as I don't even have much time for paid work. I also bring an escort with me to every shoot unless I know you. I am available for paid group shoots, and artistic nude shoots.

Sarah Lynn Willey gallery girlsMy Biography
"Every actress’ path from uncertainty to notoriety is different. Most walk the traditional path through endless auditions, local theater performances and every unpaid opportunity that arises. Others take a short cut upon being discovered by acting agencies. Very few adventurous and driven souls, like Sarah Willey have traced their way through the internet medium, taking a grassroots approach to building a career. Her resume grew quickly, landing parts as an extra in several high earning motion pictures including; Twilight (2008), A Walk in My Shoes (2010), and a variety of independent pictures from 2010 to now. Willey is certainly no stranger to popular television shows such as; TNT’s ‘Leverage,’ and TBS’ ‘Brain Trust.’

Growing up in Northern Oregon with her parents, Sarah came by her love of modeling and acting honestly. Her endearing sense of humor and bubbly attitude, caught on real fast by her online following, and soon enough she caught the attention of casting directors and modeling agencies.

It was during her last year of high school that she decided to make modeling and acting a permanent part of her life. Following Willey’s graduation in 2009, the rising star went on to participate in radio, voice acting, music videos, and theater.

While Sarah’s career-passion is being in front of the camera, she says “I am always inspired by people. It’s been an adventure connecting with new faces and traveling to new shoots.”

Considering Sarah’s remarkable journey thus far in six years, she appears to have chosen the right path, and is bound for success."

-Mitchell Keller

Contact Me
I also sing, blog, and dance. If you want to see my actual life and how fun I can be, go to my YouTube channel.

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