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Katrina Cantwell - gallery girls

gallery girls

Katrina Cantwell
20 years old
Los Angeles, California, US

gallery girls

About me

*Now accepting paid nude work in addition to non-nude
*My name is Katrina Cantwell. I travel for modeling often. I have been modeling for over 3 years. I have no tattoos or piercings. I am willing to hike, rock climb, or anything else to get a good picture. For paying jobs I am willing to dye my hair any color, get rid of a tan, or get one, as well as get my nails done or my hair cut. I enjoy being creative and, all though I can model just as well with someone telling me what to do, my favorite shoots are the one's in which we put our idea's together. I am easy to work with. I'm friendly and outgoing...I smile a lot. I take any constructive criticism as a good thing. When I'm shooting I turn my cell phone off and focus. I am available for paying work and limited TFP. I am experienced in Print, Runway, Acting and Promotional work. I'm nice, professional and can keep people interested in what I'm saying/selling. I will be accompanied to all shoots. For Promo and runway work I obviously will not be. I can pull off anything from innocent to sexy or typical American girl to high fashion. My age range is anything from 16-25. (I'm actually 20) I have a huge wardrobe and bring it with me everywhere. Bottom line: I'm respectful, friendly, outgoing, in shape, easy to get along with and extremely versatile. Let's shoot!

gallery girls
~Thank You,

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