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Jennifer Nicole Lee

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Jennifer Nicole Lee
35 years old
Miami, Florida, US

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Jennifer Nicole Lee is one of the world's most highly sought after super fitness models, gracing over 40 magazine covers in under 5 years. She holds many award winning fitness titles, such as 2 time Miss Bikini Diva. She is a bestselling author of three hard cover books and too many eBooks to mention here.

She has been featured on huge key media such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, Home Shopping Network monthly, is an international Fitness Celebrity due to the success of her globally broadcast infomercials for the Ab Circle Pro, Mini Circle, Chest Magic and many more fitness products that are in the works.

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Jennifer Nicole Lee is also a multi-faceted modern day MOM, turned Mega-Model Mogul. JNL, for short, represents every and all things possible in the fitness and entertainment industry. Her international 70 lb plus weight loss success story has inspired millions and has been the feature of many key media appearances such as Oprah, E! Entertainment, The Big Idea, Inside Edition, WE Entertainments 'Secrets Lives of Women", The Early Morning Show, and Fox & Friends, thus motivating the masses.

JNL has also broken the fitness model record by gracing over 26 different magazine covers, countless editorials, and numerous spreads in under 4 years. Her portfolio of impressive work still grows as a super fast impressive rate, with 3 more covers to be launched in the very near future. JNL wears many hats, and seems to effortlessly float back and forth from being a successful CEO of her own empire, author, Life Coach, Lifestyle Consultant, highly sought after top super model, Team BSN Celebrity, and of course most importantly wife and mother. Most recently, due to the urging of her global fitness friends and fans, she unleashed her alter ego, La Tigra, at the Premiere Show of the WBFF Miss Bikini Diva in Toronto September 2008, adding this acclaimed title to her impressive and readily expanding resume. In order to maintain her stake as a top fitness model and competitor, JNL recently defended her WBFF Miss Bikini Diva title and became the First 2 time winner of the event .

Proving the point that moms and athletes can also successfully run their own businesses, JNL, Inc, is her cutting edge company, with unique products such as her world wide fitness programs, her globally distributed exercise equipment, and at least monthly HSN appearances energizing over 80 million households at a time. Her book "The Mind, Body, & Soul Program" was recently released and may be found online and in all major bookstores. In this book, she also shares her favorite BSN products and how you too can incorporate them into your life.

When asked what she mostly looks forward to in her near future and career, JNL replies "I am thrilled to be so involved in the fitness and entertainment industry on a global level. I will continue to motivate and inspire others to achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals, as its my motto to help others increase the quality of their lifestyles."

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